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The Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) is Switzerland's largest English-speaking hotel management school. SHMS provides an international programme through a mixture of courses and practical internships. The school offers various programs other than the basic bachelor's degree BA (Hons) in International Hospitality Management, including Postgraduate and Master's programmes. Until 2015, the motto of the Leyin campus was University Centre. As the term University is a protected term in Switzerland, the Leysin site adopted the Caux motto of Centre of Excellence.

SHMS is owned by the Swiss Education Group (SEG). an investment of Invision Private Equity AG, Invision invested in SEG in 2008. It is a member of the Swiss Hotel Schools Association Swiss Hotel Schools Association (ASEH).


Bachelor Of Arts (Honours) 

in International Hospitality/& Events Management 

Postgraduate Diploma

in Hotel / Events / Operations / Food & Beverage and Restaurant Management 


Master of Science or Master of International Business

Housed in former traditional Swiss Palace hotels in Caux and Leysin, Swiss Hotel Management School’s generous facilities allow for a hands-on delivery of Hotel, Resort, Events, and Spa management programs. This ‘Learning By Doing’ approach has long been the stronghold of traditional Swiss hospitality education. Lavish banqueting halls, a grand theatre, fully equipped wet and dry spas and a multitude of inclusive restaurants with various cuisine options enable students to experience hospitality operations first hand. In tandem with its strong UK university partner, the school develops graduates who can both implement their ideas in a working environment and lead the required processes, making them absolutely employment-ready.

The Swiss Hotel Management School offers an exciting range of programmes founded upon the internationally recognized Swiss traditions and focuses on global trends, business strategy and operational leadership. Students who join the international hotel school learn the art of Swiss Hospitality Management and develop the principles of the Swiss Hospitality Touch.

Students from more than 80 nationalities study in two exceptional settings, which offer a unique learning environment, steeped in the heritage of the Swiss hospitality tradition. The historic Caux Palace campus overlooks the Swiss Riviera and the Leysin campus is housed in two former hotels in the stunning Swiss Alps.

Campus Life

SHMS Caux & SHMS Leysin

SHMS offers an exceptional learning environment to students who share the excitement of living and working with others from all over the world. The academic facilities are second to none, including a Learning Resource Centre with the latest hospitality educational materials and a wireless internet connection throughout the campus.


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